Gianpiero Moretti

The ITalian Kart Challenge will be raced in memory of Mr. Gianpiero Moretti, probably the most successful Gentleman Driver in the history of Sportcars, founder of MOMO, MOMO Corse and MOMODESIGN. He was the only one who has been able to win in the same year the three most famous Endurance races in the USA, the 24hr Rolex at Daytona, the 12hr at Sebring and the 6hr of the Glen, and moreover with a Ferrari, the unforgotten 333sp. Both records are still active and will be unbeaten for long, long time.He has probably another one record: Ferrari would have never constructed a sportcar to compete in the IMSA WSC championship if he didn't ask and insist with his personal friend Piero Ferrari... He has been also the first to win a race in the Country of the Raising Sun with a Ferrari sportcar, the 512s, in the fantastic Fuji circuit. What we want to do is to literally bring in the ITalian Kart Challenge his spirit, his enthusiasm to compete...with the same emotions and the same fair play. Doesn't matter if you race with a kart or a sportcar...

Clic to discover:

-Racing career from the beginning to 1970,  Porsche and Ferrari 512 S/M

-The 1970-1979 Racing Career with Porsche 934/935

-The 1980-1985 Racing Career with Porsche 935/956, March 83G, Alba AR3/AR5

-The 1986-1990 Racing Career with Alba AR5/Porsche 962/Ford Mustang Probe/March 86G/Porsche 962C

-The 1991-1993 Racing Career with Alba Porsche 962C, Gebhardt C901, Nissan NPT-90

-The 1994-1998 Racing Career with Ferrari 333sp

Gianpiero Moretti cars Artworks and post-career posters

-Palmares Of Gianpiero Moretti and his Teams

-Gianpiero Moretti's Teammates

-Some Videos of Gianpiero Moretti's races

-Gianpiero Moretti's Press Reviews












Gianpiero Moretti's vision: Mokart

Mokart  is a network of indoor racetracks crated in 1999 by a group of enthusiast professionals. Among them the most famous is Mr. Gianpiero Moretti, Founder of Momo, Momodesign and Momo Corse. He transmitted to us the Endurance Races passion, because this kind of competitions have been the passion for all his life.   We can transmit this feeling to everyone, in our indoor racetracks. During the last fifteen years hundreds of thousands of people could feel the emotions of racing, and we're proud of it!!! We have also been the Official Partner of all the best Endurance kart races in Italy in the last ten years ( city circuits:500miles race challenge Milan 2004, 2005, Red Bull Master of kart 2006, Coppa della Campionaria Milan 2008. Track races: Kart Endurance Trophy 2008, 2009 2010, 2011 PPG 10hrs race-Monza Autodrome 2007, ITKC2014) and we're ready to give our best for the ITKC2015....

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